Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Little Ingenuity...

I love sea-glass tiles. So, when I started picking out tiles for my bathroom renovation, I really wanted to use them somewhere. They are like little windows that are a little foggy and you can't quite make out what is on the other side, but you know it's warm and comfortable. ....Ahhhh....lying on the beach with my eyes closed in the warmth of the sun.....
Anyway, they are kinda expensive for a starving artist. So, I not only searched high and low for the best deals in my area (including craig'slist), I also hatched a plan to create my own! And might I say, I feel a bit like a genius.
What you see in the picture is the slate and sea-glass border I found at a local tile store (on clearance), a skinny pencil molding tile that were also on sale (Lowe's.com), and last and best of all, my own creations. These two are 3 inch glass tiles with beveled edges. They are from a stained-glass supply seller I found on ebay. I bought a pack of 30 for ...maaaybe 17 dollars with shipping. I mixed a color and examining the dry test swatch, continued to mix until just about the color of my beloved sea-glass tiles. I painted one on the beveled side and one on the flat side with my color (really just acrylic house paint). The one painted on the beveled side (on the right, in this pic) had the flat side as its front, which I then lightly sprayed with a glass frosting spray. The other's front side was left as-is. You can see the difference. I have yet to decide which combo of treatments I prefer.... but tiling time is not that close to worry me. And, to explain my reason for the frost treatment, well, I think you can see in the picture that it is the same finish as the sea-squares in my border.
I do believe that the possibilities become endless for creating hand-painted works of art and incorporating them into your tile-work. As for the paint sticking? Well... they just have to last until grouting. But do be careful with them because the paint can come up with the wrong move of a fingernail.
I hope your minds are spinning with inspiration and I would love to see anyone else's creations of this sort!

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