Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Eye & Mouth Candy

This is definitely a DIY wedding project. However, the wallpaper pieces used in this post can translate into so many other things (post to come).
What you are looking at is a dessert table for a wedding. All desserts (cupcakes and candy of all kinds) are compliments of Rocky Mountain Cupcakes, of course.All of the labels for the cupcake flavors and candies are made from pieces of wallpaper samples, as well as the flag banner that hangs above. What I did was print out the names in a fancy font onto a self-adhesive sheet of paper, cut it, and stick it to my wallpaper piece that I had already cut into a decorative shape. Also, to add a little more color to the white tablecloth, I cut giant polka-dots of the paper.
Again, all you have to do is go to a wallpaper retailer, usually found in design centers (ask any interior designer), and tell them you are looking for discontinued wallpaper sample books. If they have any, they will generally just hand them over. If not, you can sometimes leave your phone number and they might call you when they have a few. Maybe it is the hoarder in me, but I have so many beautiful pages of patterns and whimsical designs for any project that should pop up. This is a great resource for scrapbookers too! The pages of the big books are around 14 by 17 inches. How can you beat that!

I almost forgot to mention all the other uses for wallpaper at your DIY wedding! How about- menus, name cards, signs and banners, place-mats, paper flowers, or these colorful straw holders via stylemepretty.

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