Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Starting Over

Moving to a new place brings a mixture of feelings good and bad. For one, there are a whole lotta thrift stores I've never been to, a new craigslist area to cover, oodles of unwanted furniture pieces on curbs and a completely blank canvas to decorate on! The bad part is not having a job or money to buy the really pretty things I want to fill the apartment with and believe me, the one leather chair is well fought over. Gladly, there is a plethora of other man's trash to inspire up a treasure with and this is the inspiration I need-to make something out of nothing!

So... I have created a palette with what I have gathered so far and added a few future wishes.

This apartment is white walls, cabinets, kitchen tile.... and luckily a little laminate here and there. The wood is in the light color shown and goes quite well with a hand-me-down dining set. Found a really beautiful piece of driftwood that is just leaning in the corner at the moment. Sea-glass covers my dining table from my obsessively searching walks on the beach (not sure what to do with that yet). The peacock-colored curtains and antique settee as well as the sunburst mirror are on my wish list.
The white tiles have been popping up on the beach one-by-one and are waiting for a purpose. The colors in the center are my gallons of oops! paint finds at home depot. They are being used in a detachable wall mural for my naked walls. You'll see that in the next post.

I think I've done a swell job. Can't wait to have it be more than a couple random pieces floating around the room...


I've been looking at home magazines for a long time... not really reading, mostly ripping. I can tell you if a magazine is really good by the number of pages I rip out. These pages have some element that inspires me to create something else or re-purpose an item I already have; re-decorate or redefine a space.
These posts
are the records of the wheels turning in my head, the realization of my ideas.

Do you need an idea? Ask me and I will do my best...